Trails in Development

This page is for informing you of the projects in motion that SLOPOST is working on developing "new multi-use trails" in our San Luis Obispo County. If you would like to help physically or financially we would enjoy a partnership. Creating a trail system is very rewarding experience for all to enjoy.

The Cuesta/Sespe Trail

165 mile multi-use trail from the Cuesta Grade to Sespe off Highway 126. Click here for more information.

Montaña de Oro

Complete the reroutes (which have already been roughed-in) on the back side of Hazard Peak and on the north end of East Boundary. These will add nearly 2 miles of trail to the system.

Rerouting 4 miles of Oats Peak Trail - This is a huge and complicated project which will take several years to come about. There are no guarantees, but it is our hope that we will be able to convince State Parks and other user groups to open the trail to mountain bikes when it is completed

Avila Beach-Montaña de Oro Connector - This is another huge and complicated project.

Froom Ranch

Build a new trail connecting King Trail in Irish Hills with Froom Ranch and open some existing ranch roads to hikers and cyclists.

Lopez Lake

Completing the extension of Duna Vista Trail and possibly some rerouting of High Ridge Trail to make it more ridable and enjoyable.

Santa Margarita Lake

SLO County Parks and Recreation would like to create a trail around the lake. Finding a route, working cooperatively with private property owners, funding and building the trail are likely to take many, many years. But, once completed, it would be a truly epic ride.