SLO County Dog Parks

Dog Park Etiquette

Off-leash dog parks are a wonderful recreational outlet for dogs all over the world. SLO County Dog Parks were created all by volunteers and donations. The opportunity to run and play with other dogs in a securely fenced environment is a valuable tool in their social development. Unfortunately, not every dog park is filled with responsible owners, and as in most things, a few unmannerly people can ruin the whole experience for most. Make sure you're not one of those humans by following these basic etiquette tips for bark parks.

Immunized Dogs Only
Bring a Healthy Dog
Clean Up After Your Dog
Leave Female Dogs in Heat at home
Don't Bring Too Many Dogs
Don't Bring Other Animals That Are Not Dogs
Be Responsible For Your Dog's Behavior
If your dog digs a hole, be responsible, and fill it back in. If he can not play nicely with other dogs on that day, then take him home.
Follow The Posted Rules
Following each park's individually posted rules and regulations will help keep dog parks open and available to all dogs. Failure to obey the rules can result in your local park being shut down, or worse, cause a serious accident that could have been prevented.

Dogs Allowed in Following Locations

Avila Beach, CA Beach Between the 2nd and 3rd Pier

Dinosaur Caves Park
Shell Beach Rd. & Cliff Ave.
Pismo Beach, CA
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Dogs must remain on leash. Owners are required to use mutt mitts to pick up any doggie deposits out of consideration for others using the park.

Dogs in State Parks

Your dog must be kept on a leash at all times. Leashed dogs are allowed in campgrounds, picnic areas, parking lots, and other specifically designated areas... Dogs are prohibited from most trails, beaches and developed areas. If you would like more information about why dogs are prohibited please download the Dog Information Brochure (pdf).

If you would like to find out on what State Park beaches you can bring your leashed dog download the Dog Allowed on Beachs Map (pdf).